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Braces in

The Gambia

We offer braces in The Gambia in our Milestone Dental Clinic.


The most advanced orthodontics systems in The Gambia are using wires and brackets. Now a days, using modern tools orthodontic system have become more comfortable both for the doctors & patients. Advanced technologies in dental field allow shorter treatment times with increased comfort. They also provide more ease by decreased size & thickness of braces. Moreover, in our milestone dental clinic, all this is done with promising hygiene of one’s oral health.

Looking at how the wires and brackets work, they work by applying frequent and gentle pressure to the desired teeth/tooth to set them into the correct destined position. Usually on a thin wire, small brackets are cemented to the teeth that carry small openings to secure the wire to the brackets. To hold the wire onto its place, small elastic rings may be used around the brackets.

With braces in The Gambia and with regular checkups, determing the conditions, doctors can change the size of wires. They can also go for an increased or decreased tightening of wires  as the teeth start to move towards desired alignment.

About braces in The Gambia, both metal and ceramic brackets are available in milestone dental clinic of Dr. Oni Adeyemi. Regarding ceramic brackets, they are clear, tooth-colored and less noticeable than metallic  brackets. Such brackets are more comfortable for well conscious adults who want to straighten their teeth with least attention.


Dr. Oni Adeyemi

Dr. Oni Adeyemi is a dentist who treats his patients in his Milestone Dental Clinic. He is a Professional Dentist who has great experience in his field. If you want to get braces in The Gambia, he can do this task easily. He will look after you with much care and devotion.

When you meet Dr. Oni Adeyemi, you can discuss all the advantages, disadvantages and price for metal braces, clear ceramic braces, dental implants in the Gambia or anything related to it.

Dr. Oni Adeyemi

Living a life with Orthodontics

Wearing orthodontics, it may take some time for the patient to get used to it. For some initial days, one may face small difficulties in speaking and feeding. So it’s recommended to feed on soft and liquid foods like yogurt, milk, soup and mashed vegetables etc. Hard, chewy and sticky food items are generally avoided for not to risk the newly applied braces. Dental wax helps to reduce discomfort of the brackets rubbing against the inside of the mouth.

In milestone dental clinic in The Gambia, one’s oral health and hygiene is our top most priority. With braces in The Gambia in our clinic, we pay crucial attention to professional cleanings of the teeth. It may needed to be done after every six month or  more frequent depending on one’s condition. Besides, one is recommended to brush the teeth twice a day and flossed once a day.

braces in gambia


Do braces hurt?

It may cause little discomfort and pain while adjusting the braces. Small soreness may occur.  Such problems can be coped by using suitable pain killers and rinsing mouth with salt water.


How much do braces cost?

Braces cost ranges from $3,000 to $5000.


Do braces require Anesthesia?

No, it’s not needed for any kind of orthodontics.


How long will I have to carry braces?

Providing an exact figure for this is not possible as the situation varies from person to person and depends upon extent of complication one may have. Treatment can last anywhere from 9-36 months depending on the severity of the case.


Does age factor interfere the orthodontics?

No, there is no age limit for this. As long as your teeth, gingiva and surrounding bone are healthy and in good condition, you can go for an orthodontic treatment.


How often I need to see the doctor?

Most of the time it depends on the treatment being given. Usually one’s meeting is scheduled after 4 to 6 weeks.